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Digital Media

The Digital Media Group deals with electronic delivery of copyright material and is comprised of lawyers from several disciplines all of whom are experienced in this complex and progressive field. The speed at which the technology and legislation (both national and international) change means the Group is constantly re-assessing the legal issues and commercial realities on which today’s copyright-related industries are based.

The Group handles all matters, advisory, regulatory and contractual, relating to all forms of electronic media including:

  • e-commerce and website development
  • digital distribution of film, images, television programmes and sound recordings and music including downloads and streaming
  • podcasting
  • e-money systems
  • ringtones, realtones, ringback tones and other audio and audio visual mobile telephony products and services
  • broadcast, net, wap, cable and satellite content delivery
  • DRM (digital rights management) systems
  • domain names

The Group specialises in matters relating to the media and high-tech industries, and has particular expertise in the digital distribution of audio and video material. Our advice is not limited to the UK alone: we recognise the inherently international nature of the internet and we offer a European and global perspective on the relevant issues and their resolution.


Antony Gostyn; Julian Bentley; Stuart Barry; Charles Swan